Month: April 2012

Adding a Fibre Channel disk to a Debian Linux server.

Posted by – Sunday 2012-04-29

Spanish economy is not doing well; actually, it is sinking. Budgets are shrinking and therefore in many organizations reusing old computers has become mandatory for IT staffs.

Giving old computers a new life may raise some curious problems. At my work place we decided to reuse a HP Proliant server which was bought circa year 2005. It has a four-core Itanium processor and a decent amount of RAM memory, making it suitable for a task like serving web pages dynamically generated. The problem is its small storage capacity by today’s standards: only two hard disks, each one having 36 GB of storage.

QLogic Fibre Channel

Fortunately, the server has two HP QLogic ISP2312 Fibre Channel adapters. Thus storage shortage can be solved without buying additional hard disks (assuming they are available for sale). Instead, the needed storage is added via Fibre Channel (FC).


A short note about setting Apache Tomcat 7 environment variables under Debian 6.

Posted by – Sunday 2012-04-22

In this post we will see a way of setting Apache Tomcat, version 7, environment variables when running under Debian 6.

Let’s suposse that Apache Tomcat – Tomcat for short – has been installed in the directory TOMCAT_DIR and that we want to set the used Java virtual machine and the amount of used RAM memory.