A quiz about Apple, the shameless company.

Posted by – Saturday 2012-08-25

I have a question, for you, smart readers of this humble blog. Maybe one of you can help me.

On August 24th, 2012 a jury in a federal court in California, United States of America, ruled that the South Korean company Samsung violated some of Apple Inc’s patents. Among the violated patents, some of them are as absurd like a rectangle with round corners.

However, in 1994 Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, claimed that «… we have been always shameless about stealing great ideas.»

So the question is: how can you claim that stealing is great and years later sue a competitor for doing the same you «shameless» did some years ago?

Apple stealing
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While you, dear readers, attempt to find an answer, I am rushing to the nearest patent office. I am going to patent some original ideas, among them keystrokes (“A method to enter alphanumeric data in computer systems”) or sitting on a chair in front of a computer (“An ergonomic technique of computer usage that increases workers’ productivity”).

After all, why should I work for a salary if I can earn my life comfortably with just two or three absurd patents?

BREAKING NEWS: See Samsung’s new tablet design (after court ruling).

Samsung new tablet design
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