Month: October 2012

Disabling GeoServer disk quotas.

Posted by – Tuesday 2012-10-23

On some installations, GeoServer will not start because an issue with GeoWebCache’s diskquotas.

GeoWebCache is a component bundled with GeoServer that offers Time Map Service and Web Map Tile Service. Since these services might demand big amounts of disk storage, disk quotas are used to limit the consumed storage [1, 2]. Thus, other services will not stop working because a lack of available storage.


GeoServer WAR file too big for Tomcat servlet container.

Posted by – Monday 2012-10-08

One of the possible ways of installing GeoServer is by uploading its WAR file to an existing Tomcat – or any other servlet container – instance. Using Apache Tomcat I got a HTTP 500 error, and in the log file a message like this:

the request was rejected because its size (54997127) 
exceeds the configured maximum (52428800).