Some useful and aesthetic free map markers collections.

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When creating a web map with OpenLayers, Leaflet, Google Maps or similar, a problem that sometimes arises is finding useful and aesthetic map markers, especially when it is required that the markers themselves have a meaning – for instance, points of interest – that is inmediate to users.

Under this requirement the default marker icons usually provided might not be good enough, or not suit a particular need. In this post we will list some collections of free map markers icons that might fill this gap.

1. Google Maps icons, and more.

A set of map marker icons intended to be used to represent points of interest can be found at

Google Maps map markers

2. OpenStreetMap map icons

The Open Street Map project has its own set of map icons, that can be found at

Open Street Map icons

The Open Street Map icons themselves can be found at the Subversion repository, which is accessible via a web browser.

3. SJJB SVG map icons

Some years ago the company SSJB Management created a set of map icons for use with Open Street Map. Fortunately, SJJB Management has been so kind to release these map icons under a Creative Commons license.

SSJB SVG map icons

This icons are provided in SVG and PNG format. You can download them from from or its GitHub repository, which is accessible via a web browser.

4. Nicolas Mollet map marker icons.

At we can found a plenty of map marker icons, classified by category. These map markers are also intended to be used for representing points of interest.

Nicolas Molet map marker icons examples

5. GPSDrive map icons

GPSDrive “is a car (bike, ship, plane) navigation system” released under a GPL license.

GPSDrive map icons

The map icons can be downloaded separately, and are available at, where are classified by category.

6. Graphic Symbols for Public Signage Systems

Sets maps icons for public signage systems – hospital, railway and bus stations, airports… – can be found at The map icons are provided in Encapsulated Postscript format.

Graphic Symbols for Public Signage Systems

The map icons have a free use policy that requests users to acknowledge its creator, IIT Bombay.

7. The Noun Project.

At The Noun Project web page you can download icons in SVG format.

map markers, The Noun Project

These icons are given for free provided you comply with their “Attribution Requirement”. Another option is paying a fee of 1.99 USD per map marker.

8. Benjamin Keen map markers.

At Benjamin Keen offers us a set of simple map marker icons consisting on the usual Google Map marker containing a letter and each one available in several colors.

Benjamin Keen map marker icons

9. Google Maps API Icon Shadowmaker.

Have a cute map marker but miss a shadow on your Google map? The Google Maps API Icon Shadowmaker is a service that will give create that shadow for you.

Google Maps API Icon Shadowmaker

Please, note that despite its name this service is not provided by Google Inc.

10. … and much more

Sure, the prevoius collection of map icons are just a small set of all the existing ones. Do you know of a valuable map icon set not listed in this post? Do not hesitate using the comments section to share it!

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