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Ciao, Xiaomi, ciao.

Posted by – Monday 2016-08-08

About a year ago, the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi was burgeoning and among the top 5 sellers. In last months Xiaomi has lost ground to its competitors, and currently is not among them.

As an angry Xiaomi ex-customer, it makes me feel a bit happy. I think that Xiaomi deserves such fate, as well as another much worser.

A Xiaomi show

Why I bought, about two years ago, a Xiaomi RedMi 1 smartphone? For me, the selling point was the operating system. Xiaomi smartphones feature MIUI OS, a very polished version of the ubiquitous Android OS.

At the beginning it looked promising, but finished badly.


Exporting MS Access databases to SQLite.

Posted by – Saturday 2015-07-25

Sometimes you are given a database in MS Access (MDB) format. If your operating system is MS Windows and you have a MS Access license, working with this database should not be a issue.

If your operating system is Linux, the odds of working smoothly with such database are not good. The usual recipe for opening a MS Accesss database – actually, a MDB file – in a Linux machine is using LibreOffice Base plus the appropriate database driver. Usually this recipe will not work at the first attempt – and neither after many.

MS Access to SQLite

The alternative explored in this post is exporting the database from MS Access to SQLite. Both database technologies have in common the feature of being serverless. The output of this export process is a SQLite database which, like a MS Access database, is stored in a single file.


A quiz about Apple, the shameless company.

Posted by – Saturday 2012-08-25

I have a question, for you, smart readers of this humble blog. Maybe one of you can help me.

On August 24th, 2012 a jury in a federal court in California, United States of America, ruled that the South Korean company Samsung violated some of Apple Inc’s patents. Among the violated patents, some of them are as absurd like a rectangle with round corners.

However, in 1994 Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, claimed that «… we have been always shameless about stealing great ideas.»

So the question is: how can you claim that stealing is great and years later sue a competitor for doing the same you «shameless» did some years ago?


Adding a Fibre Channel disk to a Debian Linux server.

Posted by – Sunday 2012-04-29

Spanish economy is not doing well; actually, it is sinking. Budgets are shrinking and therefore in many organizations reusing old computers has become mandatory for IT staffs.

Giving old computers a new life may raise some curious problems. At my work place we decided to reuse a HP Proliant server which was bought circa year 2005. It has a four-core Itanium processor and a decent amount of RAM memory, making it suitable for a task like serving web pages dynamically generated. The problem is its small storage capacity by today’s standards: only two hard disks, each one having 36 GB of storage.

QLogic Fibre Channel

Fortunately, the server has two HP QLogic ISP2312 Fibre Channel adapters. Thus storage shortage can be solved without buying additional hard disks (assuming they are available for sale). Instead, the needed storage is added via Fibre Channel (FC).


A short note about setting Apache Tomcat 7 environment variables under Debian 6.

Posted by – Sunday 2012-04-22

In this post we will see a way of setting Apache Tomcat, version 7, environment variables when running under Debian 6.

Let’s suposse that Apache Tomcat – Tomcat for short – has been installed in the directory TOMCAT_DIR and that we want to set the used Java virtual machine and the amount of used RAM memory.