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Revisiting ECW support to GDAL via plugins: a patch.

Posted by – Wednesday 2012-05-02

In the blog post “Adding ECW support to GDAL via plugins” (February 2011) I shared the experiences I had to get the GDAL library able to work with this proprietary format.

Some days ago I had to repeat the task, and that recipe did not work. Under Debian 6 I was unable to build libecwj2-3.3.tar.gz for GDAL 1.6.3 using GCC 4.4.5. One year ago the environment was different: Debian 5, GDAL 1.5.2 and GCC 4.3.2.

Fortunately, via Google I found “Patch to build libecwj2-3.3.tar.gz with GCC 4.1” on OSGeo’s gdal-dev mailing list, which gave me a clue to solve the problem.